Well, just how grand is our Crescent Estate?

In square feet it measures all 448.

Now with all these numbers there errors might be

As the person who measured them all was me.

But I think even if it isn’t exact

The point has been made – our place is compact.

But what we are lacking in bedrooms and space

we make up with love, joy and a whole lot of grace.

Now don’t be deceived, far from perfect we are

But we’re growing together with plans to go far.

So take a time out, just a moment or two

And write out a list that invokes gratitude.

A list of things thankful for which you should be:

Beds to sleep, food to eat or a room with AC.

Whatever the list, it’s a powerful tool

To help you through hard times to maintain your cool.

So I leave you with this: don’t ever lose sight!

There’s lots to be thankful for even if space is tight!


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